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North Coast Shooters Association, LTD.


Embraces all of the shooting sports


The North Coast Shooters Association was formed to be the instrument to open up additional places to shoot on ranges that are primarily located East of the Mississippi river.

Our mission statement is to make the NCSA, LTD. Available with our insurance to fellow shooters to assist them in opening the doors at ranges across the country for civilian shooters ranging from .22 rim fire to .50 caliber BMG competition.

If you have a range in your area and need assistance in getting a match set up there please feel free to contact us.

Nick Mullet         

P.O. Box 364

Millersburg, Ohio 44654


To contact us:

Phone: 330-674-3244

Cell :     330-390-0021

Email Address: nick@northcoastshooters.com

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